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Fresh Island Seafood

Poke for the People (PFTP) was created in April 2018 by Chris, the restaurant owner.  Chris grew up in Central Oahu and enjoyed spending time with family and friends on the North Shore camping, shoreline fishing, diving, body boarding and fishing on his boat.  


Chris was a Hawaii public school educator for 20 years before moving into the culinary world.  His love for the ocean, fishing and North Shore led him to Waialua.  His calling to create fresh island seafood inspired cuisine led him to create Poke for the People.  We hope you stop by, kick back and enjoy a bowl on the North Shore.  


Poke for the People's (PFTP) vision is to spread "Culinary Aloha" to the "People" of Hawaii and visitors to our great state by sharing "Hawaiian Style Poke" and cuisine inspired by our melting pot culture, flavors, bounty and spirit.


PFTP's mission is to create healthy and full flavored cuisine using high quality fresh ingredients. Attention to detail, perfection of flavor profiles, presentation and customer service with Aloha will guide our culinary adventure.

Follow us on Instagram @PokeforthePeople

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